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With over 30 years of experience providing Lawn Care in Central Florida, the Extreme Pest has become the go to company for many homes and business owners. Partner with us and we will help you maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn & shrubs.

Extreme Pest Management has been protecting homes and businesses throughout Central Florida with the highest quality pest control services since 2002. We have been providing pest control for lawn, shrubs along with indoor Pest control to residents in Orange, Seminole, Lake and South Volusia counties with quality service and reasonable prices

Lawn Care

Our Program is designed to provide the nutrients and protection your lawn needs at the proper time of year. It is important to maintain a year-around treatment schedule to keep insects, weeds from damaging your lawn. Our lawn program includes fertilizer, weed & insect control. We also treat for certain diseases. Customers with pets are informed to keep their canines inside for 30-45 minutes depending on weather outside. Once the lawn is dry it is safe for canines to go out. We offer a Monthly or a Bi-monthly program.

treated grass

Our Lawn Care Program includes the control of lawn damaging insects, chich bugs, army worms, sod webworms, mole crickets, grubs, bill-bugs. We include treatment for dollar spot fungus, service also includes our special blend of liquid and/or granular fertilizer whichever is needed at time of service. Weed control is also included for broad leaf weeds such as dollar weed, hawks-beard, wood sorrel clovers. Sedge is aquatic in nature control is by changing watering habits or retention in the area. When herbicides are applied it will normally take 4-6 weeks before results can be realized. Minor weed problems may arise between services and some weeds cannot be controlled only rounded up and grass replaced. No lawn can be weed free 100% of the time. We offer Lime treatment, along with Arena and treatment for brown patch fungus for an additional charge.

We treat St. Augustine, Zoysia, Burmuda & Bahia 

Shrub Care

Our ornamental & shrub program is designed to give you a greener healthier landscape, which will increase your bloom potential. Like your lawn, it is important to maintain a year- round treatment schedule to keep insects from damaging your landscape. Shrubs are particularly susceptible to attacks from many harmful insects, including caterpillars, aphids, spider-mites, lace bugs to just name a few. Fungus and disease, such as cercosporin leafspots, powdery mildew, alternaria, to name a few, attack shrubs and make them nutrient deficient, destroying them. Nutrients are essential in maintain the health and promote color and growth of your shrubs.

Healthy Growing Shrubs

Our shrub program includes a special blend of granular and/or liquid fertilizer whichever is needed at the time of service, along with the micronutrients and insecticides to prevent and control insects. Shrub sprays includes Non-fruit bearing trees on property and all trees under 4” diameter. Treatment Does Not include Nematodes or any shrubs or annuals in pool area due to possible staining from fertilizer. Weed control in any beds are not included in service, it is offered at an additional charge with No guarantee.

We offer Monthly & Bi-Monthly programs. If you have a lawn program with us, we offer a program called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which means we treat the shrubs on a as needed basis when we are there to treat the lawn. 

Tree Care

For the control of insects and fungus, we provide liquid nutrients or, if needed, granular fertilizer. 

We treat small to medium sized trees such as Palms, Crape Myrtles and others for insect & fungus. Please call for more details.

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Oak gall on tree branch


Broadleaf weeds germinate throughout the year, effective control depends on the temperature, humidity, moisture in the ground and the stage of growth.  Some weeds cannot be controlled, and others may take more than one treatment to get them under control. There is no such thing as a Weed FREE lawn. Weeds grow faster than grass does, as we fertilize your lawn it also fertilizes the weeds even though we do treat the weeds too. When herbicides are applied, it will normally take four to six weeks before results are visual.

Person pulling weeds

Weeds control does not cancel out the fertilizer we put down. The best way to keep weeds to a minimal is to keep a Thick and healthy lawn which is done by having regular service and making sure the lawn is not mowed too short which will invite more weeds in. Extreme Pest will work with you to get weeds under control.


Insects can destroy a lawn in a matter of weeks, controlling lawn damaging insect is part of our Lawn Care Program. The products for insect control last 14 to 20 days, but insects hatch at different times and can move in from your neighbors lawns or the mowing company that mows many lawns before yours they can bring in insects and weeds into your lawn. That is why Extreme Pest recommends to their customers to have their lawn treated monthly especially during the active months of lawn damaging insects.

Insect control for ornamental, trees and shrubs are also especially important since they are more susceptible to many more insects than your lawn. Certain plants are even more susceptible to insect than others.


There is over 60 different Fungi that can attack your lawn depending on climate and type of grass. There is not just one product that can control every fungi and an effect control only last about 3-4 weeks. Extreme Pest includes product for certain diseases, but there are many that cannot be controlled.

Patchy Grass

Brown Patch Fungus – a common Turf Disease


Extreme Pest uses special blended granular and liquid fertilizer along with micronutrients at the best rates and at the proper time. This is important in keeping a thick and healthy lawn. Note that Florida fertilizer laws require that we do not apply fertilizers to saturated soils or the time period during which a flood, tropical storm, or hurricane watch or warning is in effect for any portion of the county between June 1st and September 30th. 

Healthy Fertilized Grass

Fire & Ant Control

We offer a fire ant treatment. This treatment also works well on many other ants.

Fire ant swarm

When you partner with Extreme for lawn service, you get the Extreme difference

      Our products and treatments are minimally invasive, as well as eco- and family friendly.

      We offer bundled discounts for multiple services to save money


          Extreme Pest Management is Central Florida's leading lawn and pest control company, we provide effective, safe solutions for all types of pests and lawn care needs. We service both residential and commercial properties throughout Eustis, and the Central Florida areas. We are the best pest control company for those unwanted guests, so call us today for a free estimate and take a sigh of relief.

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